Why Timber Framed Buildings?

Timber framed buildings have many benefits

1. Quality of construction

Off-site prefabrication of the frames (made in a factory) means extremely high tolerances can be achieved in controlled factory conditions.

Buildings are more accurate and benefit from more economical use of materials.

2. Thermal performance

Energy efficiency is increase with timber frame builds. Higher levels of insulation can easily be achieved with increased air tightness.

Rooms quickly reach an economically comfortable temperature reducing the overall cost of heating the building.

3. Speed of project

Reduced amounts of site work means we reduce the time spent on site (site labour), in theory it takes less time to erect a timber frame house than a brick house.

This allows for faster completion, saving time and money. Buildings are weather-tight faster allowing internal trades to start work earlier, further reducing build programmes.

4. Sound insulation

Timber frame buildings achieve sound insulation test results which exceed the levels required by the National Building Regulations.

The natural damping effect of timber panels reduces sound transmission.

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